The purpose of this website is to introduce you to my
Personal Empowerment Pocket Beads
My love of stones goes back over 25 years
when I started collecting unique specimens
I would find in my travels,
in the many metaphysical stores I visited
and the gem shows I attended. 

In 1993 I became a Reiki Master-Teacher and
opened a Healing Center with a friend
in Pleasant Hill, CA.
As I developed my healing practice,
I started infusing stones with Reiki energy and
using the stones in my work with clients.
The results were phenomenal.

Fast foward to 2008.
I decided to take some classes in jewelry making
and I was hooked!
 I began selling my Reiki-infused
jewelry to friends and clients.

Recently I was inspired to create Personal Empowerment Beads.
These beads are meant to be carried in your pocket or purse,
hung in your home or placed on your altar.

They are available through my new Empowerment Beads Shop

Check it out!